New student or new nurse tips: by healthcare professionals

Starting a new career in the healthcare industry is one of the most rewarding careers to have. Whether we know it or accept but we put our feelings to the side for our patients and their families and offer care and compassion. We have to always think of the patients because one day it could be us. If you are a new nurse or a new student and its your first day on the job or in clinicals then we have some encouraging tips from some seasoned healthcare professionals.

#1 "Always check two identifiers before doing anything on a patient" - Register Nurse

#2 "Don't share any patient information with anyone besides the staff that are taking care of the patient or the family member that has the patient's code" - Medical Records Coordinator

#3 "Never assume. Always ask if you are not sure, take initiative and be motivated to learn." - Director of Respiratory

#4 "When administering medications, it is recommended to use the "five rights" : the right patient, the right drug, the right dose, the right route, and the right time. This along with the following facility safety procedures can help reduce medications errors and potential harm to the patient. Always refer to your pharmacist for additional support."- Director of Pharmacy

#5 "When calling a doctor have your paper, pen, and patient's chart nearby" Make a list of the things you need to mention. Dictate laboratory results in comparison with the previous result. Write down every instruction you heard in a piece of paper and remember to say everything back. This is to make sure that you got everything right. - Physician "Internal Medicine"

We hope these few tips with help you prepare for your rewarding career and we wish you the best!

-Scrubs To the Rescue Team


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