The Evolution of Scrubs

Long ago scrubs were pretty basic in style and comfort. If you actually think back or research most nurses wore all white and there wasn't anything stylish about them. If we are thinking about the present time more & more healthcare establishments are and has changed their dress codes and many clinicians now have options to wear more colors and more stylish scrubs and every season the selections are growing.

Scrubs originally came from the surgeons. Surgeons wore their own clothing during procedures using no personal protective equipment. Eventually, their was a epidemic of people getting sick and the surgeons needed a way of protecting themselves while taking care of patients. Surgeons began wearing cotton masks and white attire in the operating room . The surgical green scrubs became popular in the 70's and today it is worn by healthcare staff in a hospital setting.

The color did not allow departments to differentiate who they are so scrubs became the accepted uniform for all healthcare staff. Today, all personnel wear scrubs whether its a hospital, doctor's office, clinics, & etc. Scrubs To The Rescue continue to watch the latest trends and be of service to the healthcare community and provide you stylish, comfortable, & affordable scrubs.


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